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Custom Clamshell Packaging
clamshell packaging
Clamshells are thermoformed with transparent plastic. They are box-shaped clamshell containers with a hinged lid and closures, which can be made re-closable or permanently sealed with theft deterrence. An insert card displays product information and graphics. Yinso Packaging custom clamshell packaging in many ways, enabling the clear clamshell package to hang or stand upright.

Our clamshells and
clamshell packaging solutions offer many advantages for showcasing products. We have a wide array of model types to choose from, including various clamshell boxes, clamshell containers, and trays, many of which come standard with tamper evident and theft deterrent features. Produce clamshell packaging from Yinso Packaging meet the exact requirements of our clients — and without compromise.

Yinso packaging has full experience in custom clear clamshell packaging for variety of applications, also offers custom clear clamshell container packaging solutions for environmentally companies.

Clamshell Packs Advantages

1. 360° Display – Your Silent Salesman
Professional marketers apply the term “silent salesman” to packages like clamshell packaging, blister packaging, and Point of Purchase displays. Most retail chains do not have enough staff to market all of the products that are in their store, so in order for you product to standout, your package has to market itself. That is accomplished through package design and eye catching graphics, something clamshell packaging easily lends itself to. Many ways of attracting customers are by using Point of Purchase displays, graphics on your insert or blister card or labels on your clamshell. The design feature of a clamshell is that it markets itself by how it showcases the product, the ability to hang on a peg hook, free standing or attached to a clip strip, the ability of 3d contours and possible “Try Me” features.

2. Provide A Clear Product Display
Clamshell produce packaging and containers help shoppers see and feel the quality of a product, further aiding in their purchase decision. More than half of shoppers agree it’s important to see a product through its packaging. Another benefit of transparent clamshell packaging is its fresh or clean appearance. Nearly one third of shoppers gauge how fresh a product is by its appearance, rather than its use-by date. Clamshell packaging can help increase shoppers’ initial perception of food freshness and demonstrates that what you see is what you get. Such packaging also may be proving the point that it does not contain any unnatural ingredients or additives.

3. Provides Product Protection
Clear Plastic Clamshell containers provide excellent protection and, if they are sealed, it greatly reduces theft. And while clamshells are an excellent display for showcasing your product, they will also provide a longer shelf life and extended package performance. Clamshells, due to the nature of the thermoformed plastic that they are made out of, convey premium packaging with strong visual impact due to their rigidity and durability.

4. Clamshell Packaging Conveys “High End”
Samll Clamshells Packaging in general are regarded to be the package of choice when companies are trying to convey high quality. Clamshells are clean looking, durable, and the design capabilities are endless; they can be made out of various thermoformed materials, and if sealed, they provide great product security. Among the many other benefits, round clamshell packaging is also recyclable, something that appeals to many shoppers with an eye on quality.

5.  Theft Deterrent Packaging  
In today’s times of escalating retail theft and product shrinkage, packages are specifically designed so that the customer cannot “touch and feel” the product. Clear, protective, and durable thermoformed plastic packaging enables the customer to fully view the product while maintaining the security of the product.
Clamshell packaging sealer can easily be sealed using ultrasonic, RF or UV sealing methods.

Clamshell packaging Benefits:

Designed with advanced security features you can trust
Easily sealed using ultrasonic, RF or UV sealing methods
Increase profits by reducing theft
  Boosts retailer’s confidence in the profitability of your product and integrity of your company


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