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After months of rumors, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are here in the flesh! Apple announced both today at its launch event in San Francisco. As a cell phone packaging manufacturer, we advise here are three things you need to know about the iPhone 7



[Company News] Plastic Golf ball boxes manufacturer

There are many kinds of packaging for golf balls, but it's reported that plastic golf boxes is most popular in the golf ball markets. Because plastic golf ball boxes offers companies in this price sensitive market an opportunity to reduce the packaging cost per ball as well as the plastic golf boxes great display and protect the golf balls well.



[Company News] Custom Medical tray and blisters packaging solutions

Custom Medical tray and blisters packaging solutions that provide superior quality and protection. Yinso designed device packaging based on market expertise from concept to the point of useMedical manufacturers rely on Yinso to provide them with a wide range of custom sterile and non-sterile, single and double barrier medical device packaging systems.



[Company News] Medical Packaging PETG tray manufacturer in China

Yinso packaging are professional in medical packaging petg tray design and produce, with more than 12 years' experience. Leading manufacturer of medical packaging in China. To know more information,please call us at +86-769-85602287 or email



[Company News] Compliment Letter from customer which buy clamshell packaging in Yinso Packaging

For a manufacturer of clamshell packaging,

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