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There are many customers asked to custom medical device packaging, but they don't know which kind of material used to medical device packaging design. The answer is PETG material, it's windly used for medical device tray with Tyvek. Or HIPS material.



[FAQs] What is a retail packaging?

Retail packaging is a delicate balance of designing in sustainability without diminishing shelf appeal, of protecting product while reducing unnecessary material, of being easy to open yet not welcome pilferage. Yinso Packaging vast and rich thermoform retail packaging design and manufacturing experience ensures that your customer’s first response to your packaging for retail is a positive one



[FAQs] What is a Clam shell Packaging

There are many questions in Google, what is a clam shell packaging? Clamshells are thermoformed with transparent plastic. They are box-shaped clamshell containers with a hinged lid and closures, which can be made re-closable or permanently sealed with theft deterrence. An insert card displays product information and graphics. Yinso Packaging custom clam shell packaging in many ways, enabling the clear clamshell package to hang or stand upright.



[FAQs] FAQ Do you have full service in clam shell packaging design?

We Yinso are professional in custom clam shel packaging. We offer complete, end-to end packaging solutions.Our design team specializes in three custom thermoformed packaging design: thermoformed tray, clam shell packaging and blister packaging.



[FAQs] Test method and antistatic index of antistatic tray

Test method and antistatic index of antistatic tray

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