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Products Release

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Pencils manufacturers of all kinds turn to Yinso to assist them in developing innovative, eye-catching plastic pencil package designs that meet new sustainability standards. There are three type of pencil packaging for you choose as belows: plastic inner tray, clamshell packaging and blister cards for pencil boxes set.



[Products Release] The differenct name of Blister Packs in differenct Countries

A blister pack is made up of : A transparent plastic cavity shaped to the product and blister cards backing. Blister packs has been a popular choice in plastic packaigng for many years, and it's also very popular in many countries. As you know there are differenct language in differenct countries, as well as the blister packs. Yinso Packaging will tell about you about the differenct name of blister packs in each language



[Products Release] Description of ESD tray

Proper package design and proper raw material selection are vital to the ESD performance of any conductive or static dissipative container package. When it comes to design for electronics packaging, Yinso Packaging has a 12 years history of success and creativity.



[Products Release] Market Service and Material Used of thermoforming packaging from Yinso Packaging

Yinso Packaging has full experience in custom thermoformed packaging for variety of applications. According Medical device packaging, retail packaging, industrial packaging and food packaging. The material used by APET, PETG, PP, PS and PVC



[Products Release] Custom Medical Device Packaging Tray and Blisters

Custom Medical Packaging solutions that provide superior quality and protection. Yinso packaging designed device packaging based on market expertise from concept to the point of use.

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