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Custom automation trays

At Yinso, we are experienced in designing and producing custom thermoformed automation trays to perform flawlessly in your robotic assembly-line, as well as meet your customers’ automation requirements. Our automation trays, carriers, containers, plastic cases and plastic trays are custom designed for:

    1. Interfacing in your specific automation equipment or in standard JEDEC (Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council) tray handlers and processing equipment.
    2. Enhancing rapid product flow through multiple fabrication steps
    3. Extreme tolerance
    4. Maximum product protection
    5. Exceptional ease-of-use

Design and Solutions:

Yinso's understands the need for optimal speed and quality when getting a products to market. That's why we assessing your needs at first, then we providing all the tools necessary for your automation thermoformed tray design solution:

1. 3D and CAD Design
2. Creat toolings & Moulds
3. Produce samples
4. Mass production

Our equipment is designed for large parts, and has the capacity to produce large orders very cost effectively. Call us at +86 769 85602287 or email us to  more information about our free design services and the custom thermoformed tray manufactured by Yinso Packaging (HK) Co.,ltd.
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