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High quality, safe packaging is a must in the thermoformed packaging industry with proper certifications assuring that a company’s processes, products and performance adhere to the highest standards possible. From the highly regulated food and medical device packaging markets to the increasingly regulated consumer retail market, Yinso, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom and stock thermoformed plastic packaging as well a recycler and producer of environmentally friendly recycled roll materials, upholds its high standards of safety, quality and sustainability throughout its facilities.

Commitment to excellence of Yinso

We maintain our aggressive safety, quality and sustainability objectives through, Quality is our culture!
1. Certified quality management systems including ISO 9001:2008 certifications
2. GMP compliant facilities
3.Lean manufacturing principles
4.SPC procedures
5.Product traceability
6. ROHS, SGS, REACH,FDA approved
7. Quality Assurace Agreement

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