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Industrial thermoforming packaging tray

Thermoforming tray lends itself to highly-engineered parts and packaging that performs or facilitates a functional benefit, like part storage, organization, protection and transport throughout a facility or production supply chain. These thermoformed trays and components fall outside the realm of consumer product packaging, requiring a completely different set of requirements; Yinso's has over 12 years experience designing and thermoforming custom industrial packaging and packaging solutions.

Benefts of thermoforming industrial tray

  Optimize your warehousing or shipping requirements with thermoformed plastic trays designed to nest together to reduce space between fulfilled parts.

  Plastic thermoformed trays are lightweight for ease of use and transport.
    Industrial plastic trays require no secondary assembly, are reusable and durable.

  Thermoformed industrial plastic trays can be sterilized to the customers' quality requirements.

Custom industrial solution

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