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Custom Medical Tray and Blisters

Custom Medical Packaging solutions that provide superior quality and protection. Yinso packaging designed device packaging based on market expertise from concept to the point of use.

 Yinso’s medical division, is known as a highly responsive, experienced partner offering turnkey solutions that meet ISO 9001 standards in the design, production and distribution of a wide range of custom sterile and non-sterile, single and double barrier medical device packaging systems. 100,000 clear room and FDA approved.  Working closely with start-ups to leading med device manufacturers, our experienced packaging team helps increase your products’ speed to market while designing medical packaging that reduces unit costs, and ensures total product protection and integrity.

If you need packaging for orthopaedic or cardiac implants, surgery set, intra-ocular lenses, surgery sets, catheters or diagnostic kits, the makers of Yinso products use our extensive knowledge to make solution and manufacture the most user-friendly and Typical applications for Medical Trays include:


Medical device trays and blisters                            medical divice packaging
    2. Procedure trays                    
    3.  Pharmaceutical packaging
    4. Handling trays
    5. Medical device packaging  
    6.  Healthcare packaging
     7.  Medical packaging design   
    8.  Flexible mdical packaging



medical device tray and blistersPrecise Medical Thermoformed Packaging

One of the leading thermoformed packaging in China, Yinso specializes in the design of creative, precision-manufactured thermoformed trays, blisters and clamshells. Our light-gauge protective thermoforms are produced with tight tolerances, excellent clarity and high impact resistance for the most critical applications from simple non-sterile to more complex double sterile barrier packaging systems with quality built into every step.

Protective Medical Packaging

An innovative alternative to foam and vinyl protective medical packaging, our medical packaging protects delicate porous, sharp and blunt medical components and instruments including catheters, needs, screws and drills from damage. Available in custom sizes, design.

Our protective medical packaging components from base and mounting cards are provided as parts of a complete, turnkey packaging system designed to protect products until final point of use. All of our sterile packaging products are clean room manufactured in our ISO certified Class clean room.

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