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Make Solutions & CAD design

When we got detailed requirements from customer,We will examines the requirements and suggests improvements or cost-saving opportunities that could improve the thermoformed packagings. And then Yinso designs and develops a packaging solution customized specifically for the customer’s unique needs and submits it to the customer for approval.

Tooling & Make samples

Upon approval of the design,Our in house molds & tooling department will get to work and create all necessary equipment for mass production. To ensure our packaging products are being manufactured accurately and maintain high production efficiently.Our team work around the clock to accurately control every slight margin of errow to its least occurrence during production. Then Yinso will send the completed samples in test runs to our customer for them to see precisely what their final packaging product will look like in their hand.

Thermoforming & Production

This is the final step in the thermoformed process.Yinso’s on-site sheet extrusion processes give us control over the quality and materials used in each project. Furthermore, this expertise allows us to help advise our customers on what are the most appropriate materials for each job.

Quality Assurance

To certify that all parts are manufactured to exact, agreed-upon specifications for uniformity and tolerance, our Quality Assurance specialists perform a variety of measurements using computerized tools. Certificate of ISO:9001-2008 and meet ROHS and SGS.Tasks Performed as below:
1.Testing to determine all parts meet specifications
2.Create new tests as needed
3.Repair and recalibrate equipment as needed
4.Experienced in ESD requirements and measurements

Customer Service

Our approach to customer service is rooted in our commitment to quality.
We assign a customer service rep the moment a customer makes any request. From there, the status and progress of all jobs are constantly monitored, and even after a product is delivered, service reps are available on-site within 24 hours should any issues arise. Through this unyielding commitment to our customers, we have developed long-standing partnerships with many of the most successful companies in the world.

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