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Custom thermoforming trays

Yinso manufacturing are designed to meet a variety of customer needs: Form product protection during thermoforming process, Thermoforming products trays can be made in a variety of thermoforming materials, colors, thicknesses and sizes. The most frequently used materials for the plastic thermoforming trays are PVC thermoformming sheets, APET,PETG thermofor plastic sheets, HIPS, PP thermoforming sheets. Yinso has made thermoforming mold across a variety of thermoforming industries including:

   Electronics                                                                                                          
   Medical
   Military
   Industrial
   Consumer Products

Applications of thermoforming
Universal thermoforming sheets makes a wide variety of thermoformed plastic products. Thermoforming of plastics applications include:

  ESD trays
   Medical trays
   Automation trays
   Packaging trays
   Shipping trays
   Part protection trays
   Electronics trays
  PCB trays
   Handling trays
   Blister trays
   Plastic trays

Our Expertise in thermoformed trays:

Our Certificates:

ISO 9001:2008 Registered

Our Capabilities:

In-house Engineering team offers thermoforming design service, best thermoforming technology.           In-house Thermoformming Tooling offers speed of production, convenience, and the assurance that it will get done right the first time;
State of the thermoforming equipment, thermoforming packaging machine,
art manufacturing facilities;

Our Experience:

Over 12 years of experience in custom plastic thermoforming trays, advanced thermoforming worked with variety of thermoforming plastic materials.

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