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Custom Medical Device Packaging
Yinso specializes in the
design of creative, precision
-manufactured Medical device
trays,blisters and clamshells
retail clamshell packaging
blister tray
Thermoformed Trays
food service tray
Global leader in Thermoforming Packaging with world class reputation for Quality and Service
         At Yinso, our main concern is our customer's satisfaction and profitability. For over 12 years we've been successfully combining experience,

new materials and technology to deliver above our customers' expectations, ensuring satisfaction and driving profits
in the Medical packaging, retail packaging and industrial tray markets.
Custom Medical Device Packaging:

Yinso specializes in the design of creative, precision-manufactured Medical device trays, blisters and clamshells. Our ISO 9001-2008 compliant quality assurance program and, when appropriate, our Class 100,000 clean room, provide the medical packaging containers that keep your devices safe and the quality records that keep your medical packaging program fully traceable. Solution of medical device packaging:

Medical Device Packaging Solutions:

  Pharmaceutical blister packagings
  Clamshell packagings
  Custom thermoforming plastic trays
Custom Retail Clamshell Packaging:

Whether you choose a thermoformed clamshell packaging,  plastic tray or blister package design, all are available as see-through or colorful opaque consumer packaging that will maximize your retail display packaging efforts. Yinso has the experience required to develop functional, affordable, and attractive retail product packaging solution and manufacture. Today, our value-added consumer packages are providing creative solutions to the following retail industries:

  Consumer electronics manufacturers
  Industry-leading cell phone manufacturers
  Computer, printer and game creators
  Household product companies
  Golf balls boxes
Custom Thermoformed trays:

Yinso has been a leader in providing ESD tray protective electronics packaging and automation trays to perform flawlessly in your robotic assembly-line, as well as meet your customers' automation requirements for more than 12 years. Custom a wide variety of thermoformed trays for many applications, handling trays are ideal for use as shipping trays and we also make thermoforming trays for use as:

  ESD trays
  Electronics trays
  Packaging trays
  Parts trays
  Medical device trays
  Handling trays
Food Containers:

For virtually any retail food environment — supermarkets, delis, quick marts, restaurants, cafeterias, food carts and beyond —Yinso provides both thermoforming molded food packaging products that deliver superior performance. Quality designs, secure seals and the highest shelf appeal all play a role in our industry-leading containers. And PET, Polypropylene and HDPE food-grade materials means our packaging can accommodate virtually any food product, use and environmentApplications of thermoformed food tray including:

  Sushi trays
  Fruit  trays
  Frozen food packagings
  Micro-wave oven food trays
  PP food trays

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